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"To Promote, Strengthen and Represent the Electrical Industry in Ontario"

About Us:

The Ontario Electrical League is a non-profit, provincial organization, dedicated to 21 Chapters with over 2500 members from the Electrical Industry. League members include electrical contractors, electricians, municipal utilities, electrical inspectors, distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, consulting engineers and educators.
The League's role is to communicate, educate, represent and promote Ontario's electrical industry through Chapter meetings, the “Dialogue” magazine, contractor newsbrief, chapter newsletters, conferences, seminars, the League web site, social media, promotional programs and community activities.  The League is dedicated to providing services in an informative and entertaining way.

Our Goal  for the OEL Joblink:

To support the industry through the creation of links that support contractors, distributers, manufactures accross the province, by linking our members with qualified journeyman, apprentices and pre-apprentices through the Openshop job link.


The Job Board allows Job Seekers and OpenShop Members to interact directly with potential employers. This gives prospective employees an advantage over other job boards as this interaction gives contractors a better understanding of new entrant’s skills and abilities. With that, the Job Board provides a place for Job Seekers and OpenShop Members to optimize their chances for career employment. In comparison to major job boards, this Job Board program features trade-specific postings. As such, opportunities are focused, decreasing the amount of applicants featured, which in turn, increases the potential for employment. Therefore, with proper utilization of the online Job Board program, Job Seekers and OpenShop Members can search the most applicable listing available while also showcasing themselves to potential employers.


OEL Skilled Trade and OpenShop Open House

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